Monday, November 10, 2014


During New York Fashion Week held in September, these colors were influential in the fashions for Spring 2015.  This gorgeous ensemble of color is predominantly cool, yet infused with warm tones - a vast departure from this past years crop of vibrant hues...

Aquamarine is a cool and ethereal blue that is cool and calming.  Expect to see this color everywhere make a strong presence in fashion and design come Spring.

Scuba Blue is a playful, exciting blue that evokes images of exotic locales.

Lucite Green has a retro vibe. It has a milky glow with a light, almost transparent feel.


Classic Blue is an anchoring color and works well with the other colors in the spectrum.

Toasted Almond is a warm suntanned neutral that is timeless and versatile.

Strawberry Ice is suggestive of a cool and refreshing delicacy, yet it has a warming appeal.

Tangerine is a striking yet subtle orange with enough edge to stand on its own.

Custard is a soft and mellow tone evoking warmth and relaxation.

Marsala is a sensual and bold red-brown color that serves as a foundation for this color spectrum similar to Classic Blue.

Glacier Gray is a timeless and neutral hue that grounds and enhances the other colors in the spectrum.  

Look for these colors to be prevalent interior design as well as fashion come Spring 2015 and possibly throughout the year. In the meantime, happy trend spotting...

Peace and Blessings,

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