Wednesday, December 5, 2012


One of the biggest dilemmas facing any Martha Stewart wanna-be is how to present her table for the holidays.  Well, that might be overstating it but a good impression is definitely a desired outcome.

No matter whether you're hosting a formal dinner or a casual family meal, how you set your table is important.  When setting the table for a formal dinner, make sure to follow the set-up displayed below - especially if you are inviting that one guest who keeps a copy of Emily Post on her nightstand.

Other important things to consider for a successful dinner party:

1.  Decide on a menu and how many guests you will be serving. After you'll be able to establish what dishes and utensils you will need.

2.  If you are inviting a large group, or people who don't know each other, create a seating arrangement. Try to arrange guests logically. For example, you might seat shyer guests near those more adept at conversation.  The host should sit closest to the kitchen.  Traditionally, a single male guest is seated on the hostess's right, a female guest on the host's right.

3. Decide if you want to include a centerpiece. Make sure to check the height so as not to block those sitting across from one another.

Here are some great holiday tables for inspiration. For a formal dinner:

For a casual or buffet-style dinner:

Click here for more holiday table ideas. 
Happy hosting...

Peace and Blessings,