Wednesday, December 18, 2013


If you are anything like me, the holidays have snuck up on you (I just finished decorating my tree last night).

Before your home is filled with merriment, you'll need to deck the halls. The easiest holiday decorating trick I use is to fill a vessel with ornaments - vases, bowls, cake stands, jars, whatever. You can use anything you have around your house or find at your local Bed, Bath and Beyond, HomeGoods or even the dollar store:

Try adding a little greenery to step up the arrangement a notch:

Even add fruit if you really want to be fancy:

 Or maybe candles:

It's usually easiest to find a photo that you love to use as inspiration for creating your own holiday decor. Either way, here's how to get started:

First, gather all of your extra ornaments, trimmings, vases, platters, candles, etc. that you have around the house. Next, get some greenery from your (or your neighbors') yard. Depending on the container, start with the greenery as a base. Then add the ornaments, trimmings, candles, etc. Stick in some greenery here and there as filler (if necessary). Just experiment until you come up with a look that pleases you. Have fun with it!

In the meantime, happy trend spotting...

Peace and Blessings,