Thursday, December 20, 2012


I recently had the pleasure of attending the Rush Arts Gallery opening in Chelsea, curated by Danny Simmons (Russell's brother) for "I Dreamed My People Were Calling But I Couldn't Find My Way Home." Thought provoking title indeed. The exhibition features the work of Imo Nsh ImehMargaret Rose Vendryes and SOL'SAX.
Upon my arrival, I was pleasantly greeted by my son's art teacher, Roger Tucker who is also a private art dealer. He represents Margaret and another artist I met that evening Anthony Boone, who was on his way to Miami for his showing at Art Basel. I was enthralled by the talent that surrounded me that evening.

For those who know me best know I love Chaka Khan, so of course this is one of my favorite pieces:
Ejaham Chaka by Margaret Rose Vendryes

Other works by the featured artists:
Urging of the Spirit by Imo Nsh Imeh
Sculpture by SOL'SAX
I urge you to support the arts. Visit this exhibition that runs through January 25, 2013.

Peace and Blessings,