Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) has a precollege program for high school and middle school students called Summer Live. Its an opportunity for students to explore art and design, business and technology majors and develop art and design portfolios for 3 weeks during the summer.  My son Stephen is participating this year and I couldn't be more happy that he has found something that he is passionate about.

A large number of the out of town students travel with their parents to NYC.  FIT decided to offer classes for the parents to occupy their time while they wait.  Although I live right next door in Jersey, I decided to take the Photoshop Class as a refresher since I had forgotten most of what I learned while in design school. (The old adage is true - you don't use it, you lose it.). 

OMG! I didn't realize how much I missed being in school.  The thrill of learning and exploring new ideas and concepts, of being surrounded by youthful energy, and of challenging myself intellectually. I wanted more!  So I did some research.  FIT's School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS) has programs that meet vital skills needed in the fashion and related industries, both for beginners and working professionals. Whether its obtaining skills required to develop a portfolio, looking to brush up on skills by taking a course, a hobbyist looking for a fun, new interest, or a professional looking to re-tool a technique, SCPS has something for everyone.

So to satisfy this thirst, I've decided to take the Google Sketch-Up Class this fall.  I would love to go on to get my Masters but that is highly unlikely (right now at least) with twins going into their senior year in high school.  Until then, I'll settle for Continuing Ed courses.

Happy learning...

Peace and Blessings,