Thursday, November 13, 2014


Window treatments can make (or break) a room. Without them, a space can feel bare or unfinished.  They can surely make a statement or be a feature in a space.  Thankfully with the internet, there are so many stylish and, more importantly, affordable window treatment options for any style space. Many retailers and big box stores sell curtains and have an even larger selection and range of lengths on their website.

Here are my Top 5 Online Resources for Window Treatments and some of my favorite options:

Ikat Key - $39/panel
Scribble - $39/panel
Zigzag - $39/panel

Dot Lattice Linen & Embroidery - $25/panel
Banded Faux Silk - $30/panel
Fretwork Linen & Embroidery - $25/panel

Jacquard Plume in Peacock - $45/panel
Geometric Grommet in Black Flocked - $50/panel
Blythe Colorblock in Sage Linen - $45/panel

Draped Shade - $39
Electric Chevron - $49/panel
Scallop Scale - $29/panel

Channel Sheers - $45/panel 
Vienna Faux Dupioni Silk - $90/panel

Geo - $35/panel
So let's update those windows with some new style, just in time for the holidays. In the meantime, happy trend spotting...

Peace and Blessings,