Thursday, June 27, 2013


I have been MIA from my beloved blog because I have had a very eventful month of June, with 3 days still to go.

The month started with the news of my daughter's new job in Philadelphia, which she will start on July 1. So it was off to Philly to do some apartment hunting that following weekend. Unfortunately, we'll be there again this weekend to continue the search.

Then our sons asked if we could host "Pre-Prom" aka Prom Showcase aka Prom Send-off. We had 14 prom couples and their respective families show up! Fun but exhausting.
I love this picture for Stephen's date diva hair flip...
That event was followed by my husband's 50th birthday with an impromptu family gathering of 20 people on a Monday night! Again fun but exhausting.

Lastly, the cumulation - everything that it took to get to the Montclair High School Class of 2013 Graduation last night.
MHS Class of 2013 Graduation
We were supposed to attend the 17th Annual American Black Film Festival in Miami. However you can see why we decided not to attend, purchased plane tickets and all. I tweeted about my three eventful weeks in June stating that I need a sedative. A dear friend tweeted back, "You need a vacation!"

Peace and Blessings,

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