Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Can you believe that at one point in history stripes were called "the Devil's Cloth." It is believed to have started around the late 13th century when the monks from Palestine called the Carmelites arrived in Paris wearing their official robes with brown stripes. They were viewed in a bad light and immediately nicknamed the "barred brothers." Their striped clothing was such a point of contention that it was banned from all religious orders by Pope Boniface VIII in 1295.
Carmelite Monks
Stripes were then associated with deviants such as clowns, prostitutes and lepers. This could explain why in later days prisoner's clothing was striped.

Today people have the freedom to rock all types of stripes: thin or broad, vertical or horizontal, black and white and other multi-colored lines without fearing for their lives.

Stripes are making a tremendous comeback in interior design as well.  Nowadays along with the other busy graphic patterns such as animal prints, florals and tribal prints, stripes are easily incorporated into home decor as well as in fashion. You'll find them mostly on walls but their presence is on floors, ceilings and upholstery too.

Happy trend spotting...

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