Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I recently read a blog post about the bedroom of a popular Atlanta based designer. To paraphrase, like the cobbler's children with no shoes, she wondered why her bedroom was plain and non-descript.

That prompted me to dredge up feelings about my own bedroom. Although I have a few good elements, its a little lackluster for an interior designer's bedroom. 

The obvious lack of closet space notwithstanding (my house was built in 1919), I'm over the 90s whitewashed oak furniture and the early Millennium green paint color which I don't even remember the name. So I'm looking to other designers' rooms for inspiration...

I think the common thread to each of these rooms is a big luscious bed with beautiful linens and pops of color against a neutral background. I'm thinking I'll do an accent wall of wallpaper. 

Stay tuned and wish me luck...
(No pressure!!)

Peace and blessings,

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