Monday, March 25, 2013


Last weekend I attended a phenomenal event dubbed Ladies Who Lunch with Latisha Daring: Unlimited Possibilities, held at the Tribeca Grill Loft in Manhattan. Fashion Designer Latisha Daring created Ladies Who Lunch as an organization that focuses on how women inspire one another, support one another and execute our dreams together. She created the lunch series to cater to women entrepreneurs.

Daring, the designer behind the label Ashtynassembled a dynamic group of panelists from a range of disciplines. The panel consisted of style expert Tai Beauchamp; Huffington Post/Black Voices style editor Julee Wilson; owner of Kennedi Price, an organic skincare line for children, Nanci Neffi Walker; politician and museum curator Laurie Cumbo; luxury real estate agent Tanasha Pettigrew; event planner and former music executive Carline Balan; and writer and filmmaker dream hampton (via Skype). 
The Panelists (l to r) Laurie Cumbo, Nanci Walker, Julee Wilson, Tai Beauchamp, Carline Balan, 
and Tanasha Pettigrew.
I was also proud to see the illustrations featured on the printed materials as well as the cupcakes were created by the talented Tamika Blockett whom I met at a similar event this past June. 
Tamika Blockett and Latisha Daring
What made Ladies Who Lunch so special? The energy and camaraderie was almost tangible. It was an intimate afternoon of inspiration and empowerment with influential and dynamic women across a broad spectrum of industries. The guest panelists provided personal anecdotes about their lives and career paths. The 150+ attendees were given the opportunity to mingle and to share their stories with each other.

“Who are you? How will you impact the lives of others? and Faith and Fear cannot exist in the same room!” are some of the profound messages that empowered me to continue exploring my passion and love for design. Life begins when you decide to be fearless! Thank you ladies for the confirmation.  

For more info on Ladies Who Lunch, click here

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