Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So, to continue on the topic on Rugs.  Successful rug placement is really summed up in several rules:

  • Dining Room: The area rug should extend at least 18 inches beyond the edge of the table so that the rug accommodates the dining chairs.

  • Living Rooms:  If furniture is floating in the room or to create a seating area, the ideal rug will be big enough to go under all four legs of each large piece.

  • If the rug is used as an accent, it should be small enough that none of the seating pieces sit on it.

  • Bedroom: Ideally, a rug should be placed one-third of the way under the bed so the majority of the rug surrounds the bottom of the bed with at least 3 - 4 feet around all three sides. 

  • Or the rug should be large enough to encase the entire bed and nightstands especially when there are two twin beds.

Hope this helps...

Peace and blessings,

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